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The Locker Room provides a cost-effective alternative for users to have their own personal sports website. It is a way for athletes to market themselves at a fraction of the cost of developing their own website or the cost of joining other online recruiting websites that do not offer the opportunity for each athlete to tell his or her own story.

The Locker Room puts athletes first. We assign each athlete to a strategist who is responsible for each athlete’s needs, to answer their questions, to provide customer service, to help make the best highlight videos, or to send them video training techniques to improve at their position. This relationship between the strategist, athlete, and athlete’s family is the most important part of The Locker Room’s platform.

The Locker Room provides a cost-effective way to get athletes large scale exposure through digital marketing.

The Locker Room is more than just a company trying to get a child recruited. We care about their well-being and character building. TLR wants every child in our organization to be successful in all areas of life, on and off the field.

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